Welcome to Mindful SWFL!  While our website is brand new, our history in southwest Florida (actually) spans decades! We have always been an online community here in Southwest Florida and we’re pleased to know that many persons may remember us!

Our primary purpose is in providing a resource hub for our neighbors, local groups, and organizations committed to maintaining a healthy, sustainable, holistic, and mindful approach to their own lives and work!

While we are aware that leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t a new concept, we also know that many persons may have yet to discover the spirituality and personal bliss to be found and nourished through a mindful approach to living!

It is the desire of Mindful SWFL to become an online home for mindful learning, events, news, and discovery experiences, as well as to make available resources and opportunities for the growth of ALL our members!

As a business, Mindful SWFL is neither political, religious, nor biased. We embrace all persons, religions, and cultures, as well as all lifestyles that DO NOT victimize others. Our intention is to be a voice for everyone committed to leading a mindful existence! 

We genuinely appreciate YOU for taking the time to learn more about Mindful SWFL! We welcome you to our community!

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Advocate for clean water, sustainable living, renewable energy, as well as a believer in healthy living, yoga, tiny homes, and the conservation of Florida's natural resources! ~ Florida is in my HEART & SOUL!

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