Reflection is a long-standing and well-respected method for clarifying our thoughts. When we are faced with the need to make a choice of significance, we will often say; “Let me reflect on that and get back to you”. Our reasons for wanting to do so suggest that we wish to take an inventory of our own thoughts concerning one topic or another before coming to a conclusion. Reflection, particularly when practiced intentionally and in a structured manner, can offer numerous therapeutic benefits.

Most persons regularly face concern over stress levels. In the modern world, most of us are required to allocate our time wisely, as our work, family, and personal responsibilities all require our attention. Because the dichotomy of adult life requires being both flexible and versatile, stress can often arise.

When we feel our time is constraining our freedom of thought, that sensation of ‘needing to reflect’ manifests itself.

Ultimately, we all are seeking a more ‘balanced perspective’. Reflection combats the sense of being overwhelmed by fostering self-awareness, promoting effective problem-solving, and encouraging a mindful and balanced approach to daily life. It provides individuals with the tools to manage their own stressors more effectively and with greater resilience.

When we reflect, we invite ourselves to re-examine and sometimes reassess our goals or even adjust our expectations. In doing so, we can de-stress by re-evaluating and by setting more realistic goals. Past experiences provided us with the opportunity to learn coping mechanisms. Those having proven effective for us are the same ones we will choose going forward, thus creating better adaptive strategies.

Reflection is the quintessential mindfulness! It promotes personal growth and development. Well-being is also encouraged by making reflection a regular practice. Given a regular pattern of reflection, a person can improve their ability to define their values and goals. Problem-solving skills improve with regular reflection, too! This works to strengthen our self-image and bolster our confidence.

Put succinctly, reflection on past or present experiences decreases our cycles of negative rumination, while simultaneously improving our resilience when facing adversity! Most importantly, self-compassion is reinforced by treating ourselves with kindness and understanding.

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