Bromeliad flower

Garden Talk: Bromeliads

The Edisons loved to grow Bromeliads in their gardens, and we continue to plant them throughout the property, adding color, form and texture wherever we find room. For Garden Talk-Bromeliads, the EFWE horticulture team will explain the different types of Read More

MiniMasterworks: The Goldberg Variations

The Southwest Florida Symphony continues its collection of the popular Tiny Concerts series, with Dmitry Sitkovetsky’s fascinating arrangement that reimagines J.S. Bach’s epic keyboard masterpiece. Performed by the Southwest Florida Symphony String Trio. Enjoy Mini MasterWorks: The Goldberg Variations. Performances Read More

PizzaFest Street Festival

The PizzaFest Street Festival, presented by The Millenial Brewing Company, is bringing all the best pizza, pizza-themed food trucks, and local restaurants to Royal Palm Avenue in Downtown Fort Myers for a block party celebrating the best food ever! Enjoy Read More