Within our previous discussions on ‘permaculture’, we defined that as being a ‘holistic design system for creating sustainable human settlements and food production systems.’ The basic ethical tenants of which are to 1.) care for the earth, 2.) care for the people, and 3.) redistribute surplus. And while that is a perfectly acceptable textbook definition, it fails to address the nuance of purpose!

It is more correct to say “permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscape and people — providing their food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way.* Without permanent agriculture there is no possibility of a stable social order.” * In this blog post, we’ll explore how permaculture principles are put into practice in three intentional living communities in the Americas.

  1. Twin Oaks Community: A Sustainable Haven in Virginia
    Location: Louisa, Virginia, USA
    Permaculture Integration: Twin Oaks Community, nestled in a rural setting, exemplifies permaculture principles through organic farming, sustainable forestry, and resource management. They prioritize self-sufficiency and sustainability.
    Community Dynamics: With approximately 100 members, Twin Oaks operates using democratic decision-making processes, income sharing, and resource pooling.

  2. Earthaven Ecovillage: Building Resilience in North Carolina
    Location: Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA (Rural Setting)
    Permaculture Design: Earthaven Ecovillage thrives on permaculture principles, with a strong emphasis on sustainable land use, organic farming, and regenerative practices. They’ve made a commitment to live in harmony with nature.
    Community Life: With about 80 residents, Earthaven uses consensus-based decision-making. They actively engage in communal work and share resources like gardens and common spaces. Educational programs and workshops on permaculture and sustainable living are also a significant part of their community outreach.

  3. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage: Redefining Sustainable Living in Missouri
    Location: Rutledge, Missouri, USA (Rural Setting)

    Permaculture Design: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage implements permaculture principles in sustainable agriculture, natural building, and land stewardship. Their mission revolves around sustainability, cooperation, and minimizing their carbon footprint.
    Community Life: With around 70 residents, Dancing Rabbit operates with consensus-based decision-making, striking a balance between communal work and individual autonomy. They focus on reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting sustainable agriculture.

The three intentional living communities we’ve focused upon exemplify how permaculture principles are presently being applied in real-world settings to nurture sustainability, cooperation, and eco-friendly living! If you’re interested in organic farming, eco-friendly construction, or building resilient communities, these thriving permaculture-based communities will all provide valuable insights into your own possibilities for intentional living.

By embracing permaculture, Twin Oaks, Earthaven, and Dancing Rabbit are not only reducing their environmental impact but also inspiring others to do the same. As more persons are seeking sustainable solutions, these communities offer a beacon of hope for a brighter, greener future. 

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