Mindful thought

Where do I start? When should I begin? Am I capable of becoming a mindful individual?

These are the same questions I have asked myself while in search of how to make a change for the better in my life and my work. In all fairness, those questions are normal for someone seeking a lifestyle change. I was not an exception.

In the process of uncovering my path, I have met with resistance, as well as difficulty. But, I haven’t strayed from my path. I have persisted with love!

The first awakening for me was the realization of my own discontent with how my life had been progressing. I found that being completely honest with myself was essential. Rigorous honesty was not only necessary, it became imperative in order to slowly deconstruct where my own life had gone off-course.

Second, I had to become willing to abandon all that had become comfortable for me. Moreover, I needed to not only accept but really embrace the changes I was facing!

Finally, I had to begin making those changes that would allow me to experience the holistic style of living that a mindful lifestyle offers those who would seek it!

As a result of my commitment, I have come to experience an internal calm, a renewed vigor, hope for the future and a renewed passion for my work!

It is my most sincere wish that by sharing my own experience, I can compel others to undertake the journey.
But for a moment, let me answer the 3 burning questions that I had as I began. The place to start is HERE! The time to start is NOW! And, as to the most pressing question; YES, YOU, TOO, ARE CAPABLE!

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Advocate for clean water, sustainable living, renewable energy, as well as a believer in healthy living, yoga, tiny homes, and the conservation of Florida's natural resources! ~ Florida is in my HEART & SOUL!